Cooking Lobsters “Piggy Back”

Another way of broiling lobster is what is referred to as “piggy back.” This method can also be used when grilling lobsters as well. Basically, what you will need to do is remove the meat from the inside of the lobster shell for cooking. This will help the lobster tail cook more thoroughly and evenly.

  • Cut the outer shell down the center, leaving the fan tail and the underside membrane both intact
  • Next carefully lift the meat through the slit in the shell
  • Place the lobster meat on a roasting pan (in a small amount of water to prevent drying) membrane side up.
  • Then place the roasting pan and lobster tails just under the broiler. You will cook these at the same amount of time required for boiling, the only difference being that you will need to turn them over and baste them again halfway through
  • You will need to do the same to remove the lobster meat from the shell if you are going to use the “piggy back” method for grilling. You will want to cook the membrane side first in grilling, as well. Then, just as with broiling, you will need to turn the lobster tail halfway through, and baste it again, as well.

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